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Ewohimi came From Bini Edo Kingdom. EVBO-KHIMI is founded by the Heir to the OBA of Benin Kingdom. He was banished from Benin Kingdom for committing an abomination for sharing blood 🩸 during Igue festival. IGUE festival is a holy and peaceful period in Benin Kingdom.

The life of the Benin prince was spared by the OBA his father and he left the kingdom with his siblings and servants with the OBA blessing. The Bini prince founded Ovbo-Khimi the father of Esan/Ishan.

Eguare Ewohimi Community, is of Esan of IGODOMIGODO.
Evbo-khimi belongs to the Esan/Ishan Clan, of the Edo speaking group. The Eguare Ewohimi Community is the first Esan Community in Esanland. Esan is the closest to ” BINI” ie the dialect of those who lives in and around Benin City. Ewohimi women produced most of OBAS of Benin. Our family women’s greeting is La giesan – La Ogiesan. (Evbo-khimi) Ewohimi from what we know is the oldest DUKEDOM in Esanland. The enogieship of Ewohimi is a descendant of one of the Ogisos of IGODOMIGODO. The enogie of Irrua
suddenly claim to be the leader (Oka-ogiesan) of enigies in Esan was an attempt to change history and create an anarchy in a peaceful Esanland by the then Oba OVONRAMWEN.

By hierarchy of the enigies in Esanland, EVBO-KHIMI is the oldest. Evbo-Khimi is senior to Evbo-Attow, Evbo-Attow is senior to
Evbo-OSA. They’re siblings and princes from Benin kingdom.Those three communities are senior to UDO. Udo is senior to UBIAZA. Uniaza is senior to OWOHA. A prince from UZIAE founded UROMI
And these communities mention above are senior to IRRUA.

How and where did IRRUA come from? This would shock you because Irrua came from Idumogo Ewohimi. The same Idumogo that’s the junior sibling to Ogbe of Eguare Ewohimi. The AMESE of Idumogo Eguare Ewohimi founded Irrua. The first enojie of Irrua is AMESE. He resided at USUGBENU Irrua. There are still Amese at. Idumogo Eguare Ewohimi today.